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Car Rental in Rangely & Dinosaur, CO

Denver and the Rockies may be Colorado’s main attraction, but even the state’s remote corners share the beauty of the mountains. If you need transportation in the northwest corner of Colorado, Allsave Car Rental Utah can provide you with a high-quality car rental that perfectly fits your needs in Rangely or Dinosaur. For more information on our affordable cars and other vehicles, contact us today at (435) 789-4777, or make a reservation online. We provide top-notch customer service at our convenient airport location.

Northwest Colorado Attractions

Dinosaur, CO, lives up to its name: it’s the home of the Dinosaur National Monument. This national park contains one of the largest fossil quarries in the United States, making it a sight that shouldn’t be missed. Entering the park from the Colorado side means you’ll have stunning views of the landscape’s peaks and valleys as you drive to the Quarry Exhibit Hall. The rock wall that dominates the hall’s structure contains more than 1,500 dinosaur bones. And, if you’re camping with an SUV rental, Dinosaur National Monument has several campgrounds where you and your family can enjoy the Colorado wilderness.

Located on the largest oil field in the Rocky Mountain area, Rangely, CO, has its roots firmly planted in the petroleum industry. From the town’s foundation to the present day, its income has come from the oil wells that surround it. Allsave offers pickup truck rental options to business travelers who need to drive onto the oil fields. We’ll even deliver vehicles to Rangely from our location in Vernal, Utah, for no extra charge. If your car’s in the shop for a few days, getting back on the road becomes that much simpler.

Car Rental Rangely

We offer several sizes of car rentals to our customers in Rangely, CO. Whether you’re looking for a smaller compact car or a full-size car rental, we have the ideal car available for you. Our cars are fuel-efficient options to keep you on the road instead of at the gas stations. Contact us at (435) 789-4777 to reserve the car you’re looking for while visiting Rangely.

Rent a Car in Rangely, CO!

The Allsave Car Rental Advantage

From our airport car rental services at the Vernal Airport to our accommodating policies, Allsave’s 30 years of experience shine through in its outstanding customer service.

To reserve a car, truck, SUV, or van rental with Allsave Car Rental, contact us today at (435) 789-4777, or fill out the reservation form online.