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5 Tips for Planning the Perfect Getaway

Summer is vacation season. If you haven’t yet been able to get away, you’re probably starting to feel the urge to get out of town. Well, you’re in luck. Our crew at Allsave Car Rental Utah has put together this list of vacation-planning tips that can help you get that much-needed break.

Vacation Planning Tips

1. Set your vacation budget.

Where you go and what you do will largely be determined by how much money you can afford to spend. We recommend that you do some number crunching and establish your budget before making any other plans. You may even want to allocate how much you want to spend in specific categories, like car rental, lodging, activities, food, and so on.

2. Pick a spot.

Whether you plan to stick within Utah’s borders or venture a bit farther away, you must determine your destination before you can make additional plans. If you’re vacationing with friends or family, work together to pick an agreed-upon location to make sure everyone has buy-in.

3. Do your research.

You’ve picked your location, so get online to find out what you can do in that area. Maybe you can ask a friend who recently traveled there. Gather as much insider information as you can before you leave so that you can fully enjoy your time away, rather than spending your vacation trying to figure out what to do.

4. Sleuth for deals.

Make your vacation budget last longer by trying to find travel discounts or coupons for restaurants. You may even want to ask vendors about special discounts based on age, military status, or other qualifications (if applicable). The more you save, the more you can do.

5. Go local.

To really experience a new place, try to find local options over national chains. You can usually find a local alternative to almost everything, including restaurants, stores, hotels, and yes…car rentals.

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