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Driving Your Car Rental on Scenic Byway 12

As one of the least densely populated states, Utah is home to vast, unspoiled landscapes. If you plan on visiting Utah, touring a single destination does not do the state justice. At Allsave Car Rental Utah, we can provide you with a quality car rental for your statewide road trip. When you’re traveling around Southern Utah, Scenic Byway 12 is the way to see all the best landmarks.

Cruising on the Byway


With 124 miles of road, Scenic Byway 12 takes drivers through remarkable landscapes and remote attractions. Whether you’re driving your family in a minivan or transporting a watercraft with a truck rental, you’ll definitely be enamored by the beautiful red rock formations when you’re driving on Scenic Byway 12. Explore every twist and turn as you travel around a variety of breathtaking scenes. From rugged canyons and arches to alpine forests and basins, this scenic drive is one of the best ways to explore the diverse landscapes of the West.

When you pick up a car rental from our Vernal location, we recommend you take US 91 so that you can stop at top-rated attractions, such as Manta-La Sal National Forest, along the way. To access the Byway, take the northeastern gateway at Highway 24.

Affordable Travel in Utah

At Allsave Car Rental Utah, we know that sticking to a budget is important for travelers. Not only is our fleet affordable, it’s also versatile for all types of trips. Our cheap car rentals are suitable for weekend getaways in Utah, vacations in Colorado, or extended road trips across the West. To reserve a car rental, contact us at (435) 990-5577.

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