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Raft through Dinosaur National Monument for a Unique View of the Area

Rafting is one of the most popular and exciting ways to explore Dinosaur National Monument. Whether you choose to raft with one of the region’s commercial tour groups or head out on your own, rafting will give you a unique look into the heart of the monument. Locals and visitors alike will need a reliable set of wheels to get around the area. Contact Allsave Car Rental Utah in Vernal for great rates on an affordable car rental for your adventure in Dinosaur National Monument.

Dinosaur National Monument

Commercial Guided Trips

If you are new to rafting, a commercial guided trip is the way to go. The monument offers a variety of approved concessionaires on both the Green and Yampa Rivers. Rafters have the option of a one-day trip through Split Mountain Canyon or a multi-day trip down their river of choice. Either way, your guide will make sure you enjoy the ride and take in the best views of the monument.

Private Trips

Experienced rafters can apply for a permit to take their own private river trip. This option should be reserved for those with the skills and experience to confidently navigate Class III and IV rapids. Both the Green and Yampa Rivers are known for pinning and flipping boats. For the experienced rafter though, this may just be the challenge you’ve been looking for.

Camping in Dinosaur National Monument

If you opt for a multi-day trip, you’re going to need somewhere to stay. Fortunately, there are plenty of river campsites throughout the monument. Regardless of where you choose to camp, it is essential to adhere to Leave-No-Trace principles and leave your campsite as you found it or better. Each region of the monument has specific rules for burning, waste removal, etc. Do your research before you go, and be aware of the wildlife that occupy the area.

Rent a Car

Rafting is more fun with a group. At Allsave, you can find an affordable truck, van or SUV rental to haul your friends and your gear into the heart of Dinosaur National Monument. We even offer on-site car rental services at the Vernal Airport to make traveling in the area as convenient as possible. For more information, contact us (435) 789-4777 or reserve your rental online today.

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