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Top 5 Things to Do near Rangely, CO

Are you visiting the Rangely, CO, area? Maybe you’re there on business, to visit a family member, or you’re just taking some time off. Whatever brings you to our part of the country, we hope you have a great time exploring the area. Here are a few area attractions that our staff at Allsave Car Rental Utah want to pass along.

Rangely CO Attractions

1. Rangely Outdoor Museum

It may not be the Museum of Natural History, but the Rangely Outdoor Museum does offer you a peek at dinosaur bones excavated in the area as well as a peek into their pioneer past.

2. Canyon Pintado National Historic District

You probably already know that the area around Rangely is known for its archeological value. In the Canyon Pintado National Historic District, you can see many of these dig sites for yourself.

3. Kenny Reservoir

Only about five miles outside of Rangely is the Kenny Reservoir. During the summer months, this is a great place to enjoy some lake life swimming, fishing, or boating.

4. Biking

There’s not one designated place in Rangely for you to enjoy some biking. However, because the town is surrounded by some beautiful country roads and trails, we recommend that you take advantage of them. If you’re not a biker, you can also enjoy hiking or walking in the area.

5. Dinosaur National Monument

You can’t be in Rangely without visiting one of the area’s premier destinations: Dinosaur National Monument. The entire attraction is themed around the dinosaur excavation that took place in this area. You can see bones and fossils up close, go hiking, or even enjoy some white water rafting.

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