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3 Reasons to Rent a Spacious Van This Summer

When the weather turns warm, it seems that we all start making plans and venturing out. Summer is an ideal time to take your family on the road for some fun adventures, but it’s also the perfect time to be productive and get stuff done closer to home. Allsave Car Rental Utah can provide the spacious van rental you need, whether it’s a minivan, 12-passenger van, or 15-passenger van, as you make your way through your summer to-do list. Consider a van rental for business or pleasure while you plan out your activities for the months ahead. Still need some inspiration? Read these three reasons to rend a spacious van this summer.

Passenger Van Rentals1. Move into a New Apartment

Perhaps you are making a move across town and don’t require a full-sized moving truck. A passenger van rental from Allsave Car Rental Utah can be exactly what you need to transport your belongings to your new home. You don’t always have control over the timing of life changes, but the fair weather of summer presents the perfect opportunity for a tedious task like moving. We will make the rental process as smooth as possible so you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

2. A Family Vacation Out West

If you want to venture west with your family, you’ll need plenty of space to accommodate both passengers and luggage. Depending on the size of your family and the amount of luggage you’re bringing along, you might get by with a minivan or you may require the space that only a passenger van can provide. If you are flying into Utah to begin your journey, our airport rentals are as convenient as stepping off the plane and into your van rental.

3. Carpool with a Group to an Event

A passenger van is a great way to save money on gas, avoid getting separated from a caravan, and make the road trip more enjoyable with traveling companions. We all have family reunions, out-of-town weddings, sporting events, corporate conferences, or youth group trips to attend at one time or another. Turn your upcoming event into a memorable experience as you benefit from the convenience of much-needed space.

Reserve Your Van Rental Today

Allsave Car Rental Utah has spent the last 30 years perfecting our customer service, as we deliver affordable, convenient, and reliable vehicle rentals. If you you don’t need a van, we also have plenty of cars, SUVs, and trucks available. Contact us today at (435) 789-4777 to request a reservation, or reserve your vehicle rental online now. Let us take you on your next trip around Utah, Colorado, and beyond.

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