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How to Choose the Right Rental Car for Your Next Trip

It is not too late to plan one last trip for the summer, even if it’s a quick weekend jaunt. From Flaming Gorge to Dinosaur National Monument, many destinations are close enough to enjoy without requiring a full-length vacation stay. Allsave Car Rental Utah has a wide variety of rental cars and other vehicles to accommodate you and your traveling companions. Still, deciding which would be the most suitable choice can be difficult. Let’s go through the different types of car rentals we offer, and you can determine which would be best for your late-summer excursion.

Utah Car Rental

Compact Car Rentals: Nissan Versa or Comparable Vehicle

When planning a trip on a budget, a compact car rental is probably your best option. Affordable, reliable, and easy to maneuver, our compact cars can fit two to five people with a weekend’s worth of luggage. As an added bonus, these cars get the best gas mileage which will also help you to stay within your budget. All of our car rentals are late-model, well-maintained vehicles.

Mid-Sized Car Rentals: Ford Fusion or Comparable Vehicle

Our mid-size rental cars offer the perfect balance of economy and style. These are still inexpensive but provide more space than a compact car. If you need a little more room for people or luggage but still need to stick to your budget, then a mid-size car would be ideal for your family for your last trip of the season.

Full-Sized Car Rentals: Nissan Altima or Comparable Vehicle

Choose a full-size car rental when you make your reservation if you desire maximum comfort. The largest of our rental cars will give you and your family the most space and luxury, making your experience as enjoyable as possible. In fact, you will have all the room you need for luggage, hiking gear, camping equipment, or whatever else your journey requires.

Reserve the Car of Your Choice Today

Allsave Car Rental is successful because our satisfied clients trust us repeatedly. We offer any vehicle rental you may need in addition to cars, such as minivan rentals, passenger van rentals, SUV rentals, and truck rentals. Contact us today at (435) 789-4777 to request a reservation, or reserve your vehicle rental online now. Let us help you reach your destination around Utah, Colorado, and beyond.

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