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The Family Vacation: Minivan vs. Passenger Van

Family Vacation Van RentalYou’re planning your family’s next great adventure in Utah. Perhaps you’ll be exploring Arches National Park or driving into the wilderness country of Utah. You can find plenty of places in our great state to have a great family getaway. However, you need a comfortable and reliable van to get you there. While you’re checking out the van rental options we have here at Allsave Car Rental Utah, let us give you an overview of some of the key features of each rental vehicle.

Minivan Rental

When you think of a vacation vehicle, many people automatically think of the family van—and rightly so. Our minivans have some great features that make family travel easy and accommodating, such as:

  • Fits 7 to 8 passengers
  • Gets great gas mileage (17 or more miles per gallon)
  • Built for family travel (comfortable seats, plenty of cup holders, etc.)
  • Radio and CD player (with auxiliary input options for your mobile devices)
  • And more

Plus, today’s minivans aren’t huge and bulky, making them easy to navigate on the highway or to park in tight spots.

Passenger Van Rental

Another option we have in our fleet is our passenger van. Larger than a minivan, the passenger van can accommodate anywhere from 12 to 15 passengers. Even if you don’t use up every seatbelt, you can let everyone spread out and have plenty of personal space or you could use the extra seats for additional storage. Passenger vans were designed with group travel in mind and have powerful engines in case you’re towing a camper or battling mountain roads. However, they don’t get as good of gas mileage (14 miles per gallon) as the minivan.

Book Your Van Rental Now

No matter which van you choose, both make great options for your family vacation, and with Allsave, you know you’re getting a reliable van at an affordable rate. To find out more or to get a free quote, contact us at (435) 990-5577, or you can make a reservation online.


photo credit: Public Domain via pexels

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